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About the Program

  • The approach

    By beginning to learn how to design with greater consciousness, reflection and responsiveness, this program will help you start to unlock gaming’s full potential to influence change at individual and systemic levels

  • What you will learn

    How to establish a learning purpose + link "your why"

    What EBI stands for and its necessity in a gaming context

    Tools and techniques to design with compassion and for liberation

    Methods for developing an inclusive, outward mindset

    Frameworks that interrupt bias and aid in the shifting of mindsets

    Models that center partnership and collaboration

    How to fully embody ally leadership

    The role of cognitivism and connectivism in our learning processes

  • Who we are calling in

    This program was built not only for folks who currently design and develop games but also for those new to the space and wish to build games and gameified experiences in the future


  • Who is involved with The Equity Gaming Project?

    The Equity Gaming Project (EGP) is a collective of underrepresented identities in gaming introducing a new, equity-centric paradigm to game design + development.

    We aim to elevate consciousness in the design process by creating through the lens of equity, healing and justice.

    Through responsive and reflective learning experiences (digital classes, trainings and workshops) EGP guides individual game designers/developers and organizations through the process of creating games/gameified experiences that lessen harmful stereotypes, beliefs and social norms.

    Alongside our learning experiences, we are cultivating virtual and physical spaces that center underrepresented folks in gaming and open up possibilities for creative collaboration and greater economic equality in the industry.

  • What does The Equity Gaming Project value?

    EGP believes that identifying and healing the harm that is being done through incredibly influential mediums like gaming is critical work. It isn’t niche, or fringe or a “nice to have". It’s a must.

    EGP aims to revolutionize the way game designers and developers think about and approach their creative works.

  • Who does The Equity Gaming Project serve?

    We center underrepresented and historically excluded identities in gaming.

    Our programs serve:

    Veteran game designers + developers


    gaming organizations

    esports organizations

    academic institutuions

    social justice and impact-focused professionals interested in leveraging gaming for social good

  • Are there any requirements to participate?

    There are no firm requirements (beginners + newcomers welcome!); however, some fundamental knowledge of the following won't hurt:

    Principles of diversity, equity, inclusion + belonging

    Foundations of world building, narrative + character design

  • How is this program delivered?

    100% online. Only an Internet connection is required. Content delivery will be a mix of pre-recorded and live stream

  • What other learning experiences do you offer?

    We are continually expanding our offerings of 100% virtual, self-paced programs. Please check back on this site regularly for new releases.

    We also offer custom, co-designed programs for gaming and esports organizations as well as academic institutions. Please contact for more information about these offerings.

  • I'm having trouble playing the program videos! Now what?

    Clear cache and restart the browser. Also check if you’re using the newest version of the browser

    Try a different browser (we like Google Chrome)

    Try an Incognito / Private Window (this will rule out an issue with browser extensions)

    Restart the device (it's a cliche but it works!)

    If possible, try a different device!

    If possible, try a different Internet connection! School and/or corporate firewalls occasionally block our video provider

About Yeruwelle [she, her]

Educator | Speaker | Consultant

  • Sees through an intersectional lens

    Building from the frameworks of Educational Psychology, Critical Race Theory, Ethnic Feminist Theory, Trauma-Informed Practices, Restorative Processes and Non Violent Communication, Yeruwelle works to effect systemic change towards social equity via education, strategic development, dynamic dialogue and community engagement

  • Understands the challenges within STEM

    Yeruwelle has established several collegiate and K12 program models that create, support, and sustain multicultural and socioeconomic educational inclusion in STEM fields at New Mexico State University, Oregon State University and Portland State University.

    She has also grown engagement and created healthy and inclusive communities, and safe spaces for all to flourish as the Director of Diversity, Outreach and Recruitment at Portland State University and as the Director of Programs for Girls Inc.

  • Serves as a thought leader

    She regularly speaks on issues of intersectionality and anti-racism. Yeruwelle has served as a trusted advisor to a variety of organizations:


    Oregon Girls Collaborative


    East Mestro STEM Partnership Equity Leadership Team

    Woodburn 21st Century Community Learning Center